Family Hubs and Delivery Sites

Family Hubs (formerly known as Children’s Centres) are at the heart of our service and are from where we deliver and coordinate most of our services.

There is one main Family Hub in each District of Essex and we also reach out from there to provide services from nearby Family Hub Delivery Sites. These may be closer to home and more convenient to access for some residents.

Each Family Hub in Essex may look different in size but the offer we provide is the same, we are friendly warm and welcoming. We provide information, advice, support and guidance to all families, children and young people in our community. Our doors are open to everyone.

We provide a range of groups and activities which are facilitated by members of the Healthy Family Team from drop-in play sessions to focused courses or groups on a wide range of subjects. Each Family Hub has its own designated timetable of activities which are delivered in our hubs and also in the community which may be more accessible for residents. These timetables can be located on the designated pages for your local Hub which can be found through the postcode search bar.


Our Family Hubs provide space for health, support and developmental appointments these are also accessible to our partner agencies to use such as midwifery and speech and language to further support families having easy access to wider service provision. We host an array of family support services who can help you such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Home-Start, Safer Places and Adult Community Learning. We proactively encourage people from our community to set up their own groups or play a role in our Family hubs, we have found from doing this people feel part of the community and they have a better understanding of there local needs.

Our community engagement team work with local charities and agencies to interlink our service provision, gaining an understanding of what is already happening, reducing duplication and ensuring service provision is reflected of the needs within the community.

We collaborate and co deliver services this includes subcontracting providers who are best placed to provide support to families.

Full details, including locations of all our Family Hubs and their affiliated Family Teams are shown below. You can find your closest Family Hub contact details and activity timetables by clicking on each hub name or using the postcode finder on the homepage.



All our Family Hubs are governed by an Advisory Board. Read more about them here > and are registered with OFSTED.