Talking with your children about COVID-19

It’s really difficult to talk to your children about what’s happening or what will happen when you are so unsure yourself.   How do you manage your child’s anxiety when it’s hard to manage your own?  As a parent or carer you can keep up routines in home, talk to your children and young people calmly and honestly about the virus.

  • Be reassuring and let them know they are safe
  • Limit their exposure to the news
  • Take their concerns seriously

Online resources

This book answers key questions in simple language appropriate for 5 to 9 year olds about COVID-19 and would support reducing anxieties for any young child.

Tween Tips is offering a series of online talks giving specific advice to support in the coming weeks and months.

Young Minds is a charity supporting children and young people’s mental health.

Primary care pathways