Have a welfare concern about a child?

Safeguarding Children means protecting Children and Young People from harm or abuse so they can grow and develop into happy and healthy children.

Child Abuse can take many forms, it can be Physical, Emotional, Sexual or through Neglect (not meeting the child’s physical or emotional needs).

It is everybody’s responsibility to Safeguard Children.

About us

The Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service Safeguarding Children Team work to support our Healthy Family Teams (Health Visitors, School Nurses and Children’s Centres) to deliver the safest possible care to vulnerable children and Young People across Essex.

The Safeguarding Children Team strives to ensure all our Healthy Family Team members are aware of the latest information and best practice guidelines so they can help you and your family.

If you have a concern our website has lots of helpful guidance: Click Here

Who to contact

If you have concerns about the safety or well-being of a Child or Young Person’s welfare or safety,  contact the Social Care Hub Essex County Council Children and Families Hub  so that the team there can look into the concerns.

T: 0345 603 7627
In an Emergency call: 999

Safeguarding Statement

HCRG Care Group is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of Adults, Children and Young People and to protecting them from the risks of harm.

To achieve this we have dedicated National and Local Safeguarding Adults and Children’s Leads and polices, guidance and practices which reflect statutory and national Safeguarding requirements.

I am concerned a child is being harmed/ I am being harmed

Every Child and Young Person has the right to grow up in a safe home that is free from abuse. Abuse can take many forms, it can be Physical, Emotional, Sexual or Neglect. Neglect occurs what a child’s physical or emotional needs are not being met.

How can we help you?

The Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service is made up of Health Visitors, School Nurses, and Healthy Family Support workers. Our Healthy Family Teams, who are easily accessible at your local family hubs Family hubs or by phone, we will be able to listen to your concerns and offer support and services to you and your children. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions as we want to help.

Other services you may find useful:

If you feel a child is at imminent risk of danger call the police on 999.

If you or someone you know is suffering from abuse you can call the Essex Children’s and Families Hub on 0345 603 7627 who will be able to support you.

Alternatively you can call:

NSPCC on: 0808 800 5000                       


 Childline on: 0800 1111       

If you’re worried about your own or someone else’s thoughts, feelings or behaviour towards children, you can call the confidential Stop It Now! helpline on: 0808 1000 900.

If you’re worried about your own online behaviour regarding children, you can visit their Get Help website and their Friends and Family Forum offers support to those affected by the online behaviour of someone close to them.

You can also visit Parents Protect! for support and advice on how to keep children safe from sexual abuse.

Remember it is important to act to Safeguarding children.