Review Health Assessments (RHAs)

Review Health Assessments (RHA) – are undertaken 6 monthly for children aged under 5 years, or 12 monthly for children and young people aged 5 until your 18th birthday.

These are carried out by the health visitor, school nurse or a member of the LAC Team.

Useful documents

How can we help?

We work together with you, your carers, health professionals and your social worker to look at your health and identify any health needs and to promote healthy lifestyles. We aim to look at all areas of health including your physical, social, emotional and mental health.


To achieve this we:

  • Carry out your health assessments.
  • Write healthcare plans as part of your health assessments.
  • Make sure your health is looked at and supported so that you reach healthy outcomes.
  • Provide you with advice and support with any issues around health.
  • If you are happy, we can talk to other professionals involved in your care, and we can refer you to other services who can offer you extra support.

We are:

  • A health contact for you, your parents, your foster carers, residential units, schools and social workers/social care
  • There to support and advise you.
  • Part of your multi-agency team and attend multi-agency meetings
  • Good listeners and we make sure your ‘voice’ is heard

Where will you be seen?

The Looked after Children’s Service is delivered in the community in your family’s home, school, residential unit or a venue of your choice. We aim to be as flexible as possible.

You will need to be present for your health assessment. Parents and carers will be spoken to but if you are older you will be offered time to be seen alone.