Substitutes and adapting recipes


  • Organic milk substitutes do not contain Calcium and should be avoided
  • Look out for fortified milk substitutes, some now have additional vitamins and minerals added as well as calcium.
  • If your child is under 2years, you should try to use one with similar calories to full cream milk e.g. Oatly Barista (grey carton), Koko Super, Alpro 1+(if soya is tolerated). Nut milks are often very low in calories, so if being used, make sure your child is getting enough fat and calories in their food. If you are worried about your child’s weight, please ask for a referral to the dietitian.
  • Milk substitutes from the supermarket can be used in cooking from 6months, but should not be used as a main drink until 2 years of age or your child’s diet may not be nutritionally adequate. They can be started earlier if your child is regularly eating foods from stage three or above on the milk ladder without symptoms coming back.


  • Koko yogurts, Lidl coconut desserts and Oatly crème fraiche are fortified with calcium


  • These vary a lot in taste and texture, don’t be put off because you don’t like the first one you try (try not to compare the taste to real cheese, remember, your child does not know what cheese tastes like).

For ideas to adapt recipes, check out Allergy Adventures Substitutions Sheet