Is my child ready to start the milk ladder?

  • The milk ladder is intended to help introduce dairy back into the diet in a more controlled manner. Processing alters the structure of the protein and can affect how the body reacts to it, because of this, the steps go from the most likely to be tolerated form e.g. baked milk, up to the least likely e.g. fresh milk.
  • Reintroduction should not happen until symptoms are under control and your child is taking a good variety of foods at three meals per day, while still growing well. This often happens around 9 months of age, but may be later if your child has not been on a milk free diet for 6 months by then.
  • It may take many months, or in some cases years to reach the top, so don’t worry if your child is not tolerating the foods when first introduced.

Further information on iMAP Milk Ladder and recipes can be found here.