Allergy Service

Allergy Service

The West Essex Community Allergy Service is run by a Paediatric Dietitian and Allergy Nurse, with support from Allergy Champions in the Healthy Family Teams.

We see children with suspected or confirmed Non-IgE Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (as well as some other foods). An appointment may include advice on management of reflux symptoms and eczema, as well as support to ensure the diet is nutritionally adequate to support normal growth and development, despite necessary restrictions.

If a child has had symptoms of IgE allergy (urticaria/nettle rash, swelling round mouth or eyes, breathing difficulty or anaphylaxis), they will need to be referred to secondary care and will not be accepted into our service.

We currently offer:

  • Weekly clinics – For newly diagnosed patients and those requiring follow-up
  • Group sessions – Weaning and allergen reintroduction
  • Drop in sessions – For patients discharged from clinic, but may have questions or require further support
  • Training for GP’s and Healthy Family Teams


BDA Food Facts

Allergy UK

Patient webinars


National Eczema Society





Information for Referrers

Please fill in the referral form below and submit it to our administration centre, either via email or post. Please note, we do not currently accept referrals for allergy testing for IgE (immediate) reactions.

Once a referral is accepted, we aim to see all children within 8 weeks. The first appointment may be in clinic, or in a group session.

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Paediatric Allergy Referral Form