Children’s Continence Service

The children’s continence service supports children from the ages of 4-19 years of age. This covers children with day time wetting, night time wetting and constipations issues.

The service also support children whom require continent products (incontinent children) Clinics are held at clinics, children centres and community hospitals in West Essex to provide full assessments and support.

Initial information for children’s continence issues

  • To ensure your child is drinking well during the day. Taking a water bottle to school and ensuring they are offered a drink with every meal also. Perhaps asking school to support with drinking. Water is best or weak squash like orange or lemon.
  • With night and day time wetting, try and AVOID red juices/squashes (such as Blackcurrant, Vimto and fruits of the forest) as well as fizzy drinks and caffeine drinks. These can irritate the bladder.
  • Monitor for signs of constipation and observe what stools your child usually passes. This can be checked against the Bristol stool chart online. The ideal stool should be a type 4 (smooth sausage) If your child is not opening his or her bowels daily or every other day (or leaking stools, they may be constipated) On occasions an increase in fluids and a good varied diet can improve constipation. Increase rough fibre (cereal with wholegrain, wheat and oats) also encourage fruit and vegetables.
  • If night time wetting is an issue, try to ensure your child has the last drink of the night around 90 minute’s pre bed. Also ensure your child passes urine prior to sleeping (after bath, teeth and bed time story).
  • If this has not helped your child, contact your school nurse, health visitor or GP for a referral to the Children’s continence service.

Referral Form:

Click here to download the Continence Service referral form