Children’s Continence Service


The West Essex Children’s Continence Service works with families of children from the age of 4 years to young people up to the age of 18 that are registered with a GP in West Essex and have bowel or bladder problems that have not been able to be managed with the support of the child’s health visitor or school nurse.

The aim is to offer support and strategies that allow the child/young person to become completely continent or become as independent with their continence issues as possible.

The service supports the children/young people with bowel and bladder difficulties. This include difficulties with failed toileting (after six months of trying), day time wetting, night time wetting, soiling/overflow and constipation issues.

 The service also support children who require continence products because continence may not be possible due to medical issues.

The continence service is delivered from our local children’s centres, clinics and hospitals around the  West Essex area.


If you already have an appointment booked with our team during the current Coronavirus situation and you are unable to attend, before you consider cancelling, we are able to offer consultations over the phone during your booked time slot.

Please contact the administration 24 hours before your appointment on 0300 247 0122, Option 3, Option 1, ensure we have your correct contact details and they will advise the clinicians. 



Information for Referrers

Children are referred into the service by a health professional, this is usually the child’s health visitor, school nurse or general practitioner.

Referral Form: