Relationships at home

Our relationships with our family will be so important for getting you through this but accept that it will be difficult at times. It is important as a family you keep communicating.  You could draw up a list of family rules together to help you get through this time. Try to designate your house into different areas such as work and relax.  It is ok to take some time away from each other and have some time alone.

This time could also represent a time to build on family relationships as we often don’t have the time to all be together to be able to share and do fun things together.

Make a date with your child/children to play a board game or do a puzzle together.  Schedule time to watch a movie or TV show together. Making time to do these things can create positive feelings to help with the anxiety and fear.

If there is conflict try not to punish your child by taking their technology away as there is a risk they could become too isolated.

Relate are offering blogs, advice and tips for helping your relationships stay healthy during the pandemic

Another great source of information for maintaining relationships and dealing with arguments can be found on the Livewell Campaign website.

Keeping Connected

During this time it is vitally important to keep connections with our families, friends and colleagues in as many ways as we can.  It will help you relate to each other and the situation we find ourselves in.

Children and teenagers will be missing their friends and social activities and as parents you can look at different ways they can socially connect.  Use technology to allow your children to connect with friends and family such as FaceTime. Call or message your children’s friends parents to try to set up virtual play dates. Encourage your children to stay connected virtually but safely.

You and your family maybe feeling a sense of loss from not being able to be part of your community but there are other ways you can remain connected, you could join an online community or support group.  Volunteering to help others when you are not self-isolating will help you stay connected.

There are numerous apps that you can download to support online connections such as Zoom, Whatsapp or House Party.