Our services

Speech and Language Therapy

We provide assistance to young people experiencing difficulties with speech, communication and with feeding

Support services include

Specialist School Nursing

We work in special schools across West Essex to support the health and development of children and young people

School Transition

We help children cope with changes, such as moving from primary school to secondary, and from children’s to adult services.

School Readiness

We help to measure school readiness in children before they start school.


We support children with movement disorders, disability or illness to develop their movement skills and reach their full potential

Support services include

Occupational Therapy

We support young people with physical, sensory impairments, developmental and cognitive needs that impact on their daily life

Support services include

JADES: Journey of Autism Diagnosis and Early Support

We initiate an in-depth assessment to potentially rule out or confirm a diagnosis of autism.

Healthy Schools

We work with schools to improve the health and wellbeing of pupils, teachers and parents/carers

Healthy Family Service

Our multidisciplinary team of health visitors, school nurses and healthy family practitioners support children and families in Essex with parenting and their health and wellbeing

Support services include