Homeschooling and learning resources

These are unprecedented times for your children who will be missing the daily routine of school and the feeling of being connected to their peers and teachers. There are things you can do to support your child at this time to encourage a nurturing learning environment. You and your child can create a daily schedule together of the tasks to be done throughout the day. Although creating a routine for children is important try not to take on the role of your child’s teacher as this can cause conflict.

Try not to worry that your children are not doing enough schoolwork.  Engage more in child led learning especially with younger children.  Younger children may enjoy different activity spaces, such as reading corner or craft corner.

You can give your child chances to help them feel productive while they are at home.  Give them chores to do such as helping with housework or cooking.  Tie it into a child led learning opportunity.  It will give them the connection they need at this time and promote a sense of self-worth.

Allow children and teenagers some down time where they can do what they want such as watch TV, play video games that way they may be more willing to adapt to a structured approach when you need them to.

Your child’s school has likely provided your child with work to do at home via apps such as Show My Homework, don’t get stressed if you can’t help them, lots of teachers will be supporting virtually.

Remember this won’t be forever and protecting your children’s emotional wellbeing is paramount.

There are lots of engaging resources to support your child’s learning at this time: