Larchwood Gardens Family Hub


At present there is no signage at Larchwood Family Hub which we are working to rectify.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this and would like to advise you that we can be found in the grounds of Larchwood Primary School.

Please use the buzzer marked “Family Hub” on the intercom on the main school gate.

We also politely ask that you do not park in the car park as this belongs to the school and please do not walk through the car park to access the Family Hub for safety reasons.

Thank you.


Larchwood Gardens Family Hub is a warm and friendly centre for families. We welcome children, young people and their families and provide access to support and services to help children and families achieve the best start in life.

Our wide range of services include speech and language therapy group sessions for children to help improve their communication and drop-in clinic services with a nurse or health visitor.

We also offer Baby Massage courses and Safer Places services which support and advise on issues such as domestic abuse.

We want parents and carers to have access to services and networks which will empower and help them support their family.

Please feel free to contact us or come along and meet the Barnardo’s team leading the groups and activities, for a full list, please see the timetable below.

Larchwood Gardens Family Hub serves Brentwood District and the surrounding areas.

Our activity calendar

There are lots of bookable activities and groups going on at your local family hub, please call 0300 247 0013.

Please click the link below to see sessions in your local area

November & December 2021 Timetable Brentwood and Billericay

Please note: this calendar is only advisory and is subject to change. Please ring 0300 247 0013 to double-check activities and times.




January 2022

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  • 6th February 2022

Contact our team

Larchwood Gardens Family Hub,
Larchwood Primary,
Larchwood Gardens,
Pilgrim's Hatch
CM15 9NG

If you have an immediate query please call us. When emailing please specify which location your query relates to.

0300 247 0013