Laid-back breastfeeding or biological nurturing

Laid-back breastfeeding, or biological nurturing, means getting comfortable with your baby and encouraging your own and your baby’s natural breastfeeding instincts.

  • Dress yourself and your baby as you choose
  • Find a bed or couch where you can lean back and be well supported— not flat, but comfortably leaning back so that when you put your baby on your chest, gravity will keep him in position with his body molded to yours
  • Have your head and shoulders well supported. Let your baby’s whole front touch your whole front
  • Since you’re leaning back, you don’t have a lap, so your baby can rest on you in any position you like. Just make sure her whole front is against you
  • Let your baby’s cheek rest somewhere near your bare breast
  • Help her as much as you like; help her do what she’s trying to do. You’re a team
  • Hold your breast or not, as you like
  • Relax and enjoy each other